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Who We Are

After decades of consulting fortune 500 companies, marketing their iconic brands and delivering unprecedented sales with market share gains, I decided to deliver a Global Solution for Great Brands with the desire to expand globally…

One World, One Solution… Global Retail Solutions Group Inc. was launched in 2015 as a global sales broker/wholesale corporation which today represents over 2 Billion dollars a year in brand sales across four main categories; Luxury Cosmetics, Jewelry, Fashion, and Beauty Accessories.

Our global team has extensive experience that specializes in developing business in Two Main Channels;
1) Global Travel Retail Channel – Duty Free/Duty Paid Stores in Airports, on Cruise Ships, on Airplanes In-flight, and in Border stores
2) Luxury Retailers

If you are looking for Global Representation of a World Class Brand then contact us today and “Win with Consumers Every Time, Everywhere”…

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